Thursday, September 27, 2012

Axle Nuts Off and Engine Out

Tonight, a couple of key things happened. First, I got the rear axle nuts off. That was a pain. Using my under powered pancake air compressor, I was able to get the left axle nut off. However, the other side was proving problematic. So, after watching a YouTube video on the subject, I drilled an extra whole in a bed rail I had laying around (well, technically it was sitting on top of the attic trusses).  

I was getting tired of staring at the engine sitting there, so  I snapped and started lugging the thing out. As it turns out, the push rod tubes are incredibly fragile and I broke one open. That's when the water / oil / gas mixture started leaking out onto the floor. Awesome. I eventually wrestled it onto my motorcycle jack and onto the floor where it sat leaking for some time.  

Some kitty litter is taking care of the spilled fluids. However, the fact remains that the engine case is likely shot to hell because of water intrusion. No worries though - I got the whole setup (rail and all) for free, so nothing lost.  

Next up, I need to pick up some star bits to remove the half shafts.

Harbor Freight Axle Nut Socket Set
The bed rail solution
Success - the axle nut is off

Some spiders made this their home
The engine is finally out
Oops - the engine peed itself


  1. Man so much work. That just seems to frustrate you endlessly! Nice! LOL

    1. It's fun work though... I like building stuff!